Firefighting - standard approach vs Aerones approach

Aerones firefighting drone is capable to overcome limits of traditional firefighting

Aerones firefighting drone  Aerones firefighting drone

It can quickly reach great heights and endure heat in close distance

Choose drone by function

Superfast drone

Superfast drone

Easy to maneuver in dense territories

Propellers 28 propellers
1 man operated 1 man operated
Lift power 200 kg lift power
Reachability 300 m reachability
Fast drone

Fast drone

Able to carry heavy loads and reach further

Propellers 36 propellers
1 man operated 1 man operated
Lift power 300 kg lift power
Reachability 500 m reachability


Firefighting in narrow spaces


Firefighting in suburban slums

Well known problem for firefighters is unability to drive very close to firefighting accident to be able to operate.

In our case there is no need to drive truck with drone to exact firefighting location. Aerones drone can easily operate in narrow space, avoid obstacles and fly great radius!

Aerones is the first worldwide company to provide firefighting solutions in dense areas with Drone.

Firefighting chemical mix



Special chemical mix

Water is not the best choice for firefighting in high altitude.

We've tested use of special chemical mix to improve firefighting efficiency in terms of weight and pressure.


Firefighting in height above 100m

Real flights were made to test maximum height where drone is capable to ensure high water pressure and flowthrough in. It's approx. 100 meters, but we found a solution to go beyond.




Integrated solution (multi stage)

We've patented unique winch system to support hose when in need to reach higher heights (approx. 40th floor of skyscraper). It can be attached to most materials of surfaces like glass and concrete.



Mist wall


Heat protecting fine mist "wall"

Drone will 'build' a mist wall to protect itself from extreme heat

The mist will not let through the high heat. Such solution will let the drone operate as close as 30 meters to the building



Fire localization

Fire localization

When the fire starts to spread on facade side of the building it is necessary to localise it. We offer foam system that is sprayed on the facade like a frame which prevents fire spreading on facade side.


Aerones – augstas veiktspējas multi-rotoru lidaparātu ar kravnesību līdz 100 kg attālinātas vadības un autonomas lidotspējas risinājuma un automatizētas drošības sistēmas, elektronikas (sensoru kopnes) risinājuma izstrāde.


Aerones - development of a high-performance multi-rotor aircraft with a payload capacity of up to 100 kg remote control and autonomous flight solutions and automated safety systems, electronics (sensor bus) solutions.

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2017. gada 10. martā Aerones ir noslēdzis līgumu Nr. SKV-L-2017/141  ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru programmas "Izaugsme un nodarbinātība 3.2.1 specifiskā atbalsta mērķa "Palielināt augstas pievienotās vērtības produktu un pakalpojumu eksporta proporciju" pasākumā "Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana".