Ultimate solution for most wind turbine problems

We have our exclusive technology to clean, make coating and deicing of wind turbines.

Our drone performs the work faster than anybody else giving the best quality and timing.

SAFETY - all maintenace is performed without manpower.
PROFIT - our service enhances effieciency of wind turbines’ performance.
CONTROL - all process is monitored and filmed by Ultra HD camera.
TECHNOLOGY- our know-how is implemented in all systems of the drone.



Bugs, dirt, bird droppings
Bugs, dirt, bird droppings Icing Erosion
Loses up to 20% of revenue. Loses up to 20% of revenue. Reduces efficiency. Big expenses in maintenance.




Aerones tethered heavy-lift drone

Ice on blades forces turbine downtime.

- Up to 20% revenue loss in Canada, Northern US&EU
- Before Aerones deicing was difficult and not safe task - done with helicopters or expensive heating systems
- Aerones reduces risk, is 5x faster & 5x cheaper
Bugs and dirt on blades reduces blade efficiency and causes erosion of the blades.

- In South of Spain, Texas, India, Mexico - bug problem & dust
- Should be cleaned up to 4x a year
- North EU, USA, CA - needs to be cleaned before applying hydrophobic coatings
Increases efficiency & extends wind turbine life

- ICE Adhesion Reduction Factor - 60
- Reduces bug / dirt accumulation
- Increases the lifespan of a wind turbine blade by 20-30%
- Needs to be reapplied every year