Robotic Wind Turbine Blade Care System

Aerones project co-funded by InnoEnergy

Project duration: January 2019– December 2021

Project partners: “Riga Technical University” (Latvia), “Schoonmaakbedrijf & Glazenwasserij van Wolferen” (Netherlands) and “M&G Connection SLU” (Spain)

Budget: EUR 3,478 million, including InnoEnergy funding EUR 2,782 million.

Project aim: the project “Robotic Wind Turbine Blade Care System” will support R&D activities to boost more rapid development of the Robotic wind turbine maintenance system that is providing various range of services. Aerones technology will fully automate wind turbine maintenance process and will easily access the problematic spots on the wind turbine, thus, allowing to provide precise service in a shorter amount of time in comparison to traditional methods. Considering the potential of the technology, such an approach would increase the affordability of maintenance, enhance the willingness of wind turbine owners to service the blades on regular basis and overall – improve the efficiency of wind energy generation and in long-term increase the lifetime of wind turbines because of the regular maintenance services.

Proposed project activities:

  • Heavy-lift drone frame and battery optimization, weight reduction.

  • Wind turbine cleaning system testing, research and development.

  • De-icing process improvement and testing on field.

  • Study of coating efficiency for various blade covering geometries.

  • Development of wind turbine blade coating system and field testing.

  • Study coating degeneration rate on tested wind turbines.

  • Product certification and patenting.

  • Development of robotic blade care system function automatization.