Aerones tethered heavy-lift drone

Ice on blades forces turbine downtime.

- Up to 20% revenue loss in Canada, Northern US&EU
- Before Aerones deicing was difficult and not safe task - done with helicopters or expensive heating systems
- Aerones reduces risk, is 5x faster & 5x cheaper
Bugs and dirt on blades reduces blade efficiency and causes erosion of the blades.

- In South of Spain, Texas, India, Mexico - bug problem & dust
- Should be cleaned up to 4x a year
- North EU, USA, CA - needs to be cleaned before applying hydrophobic coatings
Increases efficiency & extends wind turbine life

- ICE Adhesion Reduction Factor - 60
- Reduces bug / dirt accumulation
- Increases the lifespan of a wind turbine blade by 20-30%
- Needs to be reapplied every year