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Robotic Inspections

Aerones is the first company to have built unique robotic systems that perform inspection services to wind turbine blades.


Lightning Protection System Inspection

Full-loop LPS testing, troubleshoot scanning, down conductor repair, oxidation cure

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Blade Internal Inspection

Inspection performed with a robotic crawler, reaching at least 40% further inside the blade

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Drone Inspection

Professional wind turbine blade drone visual inspection services

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Technical Checkup

Performing repeated technical inspection

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Drainage Hole Cleaning

Inspect and clean the clogged drainage holes together with LPS testing

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Wind turbine blade inspection data

Smartest health analysis in the market

By using a bundle of smart robotic inspection, wind parks receive the most sophisticated blade inspection data analysis in the overview.

Digital data platform

Cloud platform gathers unique cross-industry dataset from inspections which enables pricing of smarter preventive maintenance plans & budgets

Largest scope of wind turbine inspection services

Aerones offers the most detailed inspection campaign of your wind turbines. The smart inspection bundle will result in high quality external visual, internal inspection and regular check-up data. Safeguard your turbine blades from lightning damage by having your LPS system checked and clogged drainage holes cleaned.


Avoid Costly Wind Turbine Downtime

Wind turbines need to be inspected and monitored regularly to ensure they are operating efficiently and avoid any unwanted damage. Turbine downtime can occur due to lightning damage, unnoticed blade cracks, erosion, or total blade destruction. 

Aerones offers a large range of inspection services for onshore and offshore wind turbines all around the world.

The robotic systems provide objective and independent information on the condition of the LPS system, blade internal and external health, the quality of blade repairs, and water accumulation inside the tip of the blade.

Robotic tools help you reduce risks, avoid damage, reassure stakeholders, and meet regulations while significantly minimizing downtime.

Inspection results are stored in our client portal and can be further analyzed by specialists. Our tools are certified and our technicians are fully trained on all relevant safety, measurement and operational topics. Our robots are more durable than humans, allowing them to work in a wide range of locations and weather conditions, reducing idle-stay days.

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