December 31, 2019

Automated and Robotized On-Site Wind Turbine Leading Edge Preparation in 30min

We have developed a new solution for automated Leading Edge preparation for the following repair or protective shell application. More efficient and much faster service than it was available until now!

We’re committed to finding innovative ways to improve wind turbine maintenance To increase labor safety and reduce costs and time spent, Aerones invented the world’s first WTG maintenance robotic system. The technology offers efficient and unmanned operations with uncompromised health and safety concerns in mind. The whole Aerones robotic system can be assembled and disassembled in an hour, thus significantly minimizing the wind turbine downtime.

Using Aerones robotic system, you get everything from a single source: 

  • Detailed inspections and data analysis (Visual, conductivity, ultrasound, laser);
  • Lightning protection system test (conductivity test)
  • Leading-edge repair;
  • Leading-edge protection application;
  • 3D scanning of the wind turbine blades – to assess energy production efficiency;
  • Drainage hole cleaning;
  • Ice-phobic coating application;
  • Blade cleaning.
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