June 18, 2024

Webinar: How to protect WTG’s from Icing-related threats and risks

Tired of winter weather impacting your wind farm’s productivity?

Fill in the form below to watch the webinar, and discover how ice-phobic coatings can be your game-changer! In this webinar, you’ll learn:

– Challenges of ice accumulation on wind turbine blades: How ice buildup reduces energy production and increases downtime.
– The power of ice-phobic coatings: Explore the science behind this innovative technology and its effectiveness in preventing ice adhesion.
-Benefits of ice-phobic coating application.

You will discover how this solution can:
-Maximize wind turbine performance: Maintain optimal energy generation throughout winter.
-Minimize downtime and maintenance costs: Reduce the need for de-icing operations and blade repairs.
-Extend the lifespan of your wind farm: Protect your blades from ice-related damage and wear.

Don’t let winter chill your profits!