December 31, 2019

Working on Wind Turbine Maintenance
Service Projects in the USA and Europe

Despite the current challenging situation around the world, Aerones crew keeps on working on wind turbine maintenance service projects in the USA and Europe while taking precautions and maintaining social distancing. It is a challenging time we all face, but thanks to unique Aerones technology characteristics, it is possible to continue the wind turbine maintenance services.

As for the latest project, we conducted a Lightning Protection System (LPS) conductivity test for 100 turbines in Texas, USA (See a video: In a team of two Aerones technicians and one Aerones service unit, on average we inspected ~3-4 WTGs a day, which is an unprecedented speed for such services in the industry. In terms of wind turbine downtime, this means only ~2h of downtime per turbine, including the set-up of the system.

Besides of conductivity test, Aerones also provide other automated wind turbine services using our robotized technology. The available services include:

  • Lightning Protection System test;
  • Detailed blade visual inspections and data analysis;
  • Leading-edge protection and ice-phobic coating application;
  • 3D scanning of the wind turbine blades – to assess energy production efficiency;
  • Leading Edge preparation for the following repair or protective shell application;
  • Wind turbine drainage hole cleaning;
  • Wind turbine blade cleaning;
  • In development – Automated Leading-edge repair.


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