December 31, 2019

More than 5,000 LPS receptors tested

Improve safety, reduce downtime, and pay less for wind turbine blade maintenance by using Aerones robotic technology!

Milestone reached

Throughout this season, we have done the Lightning Protection System (LPS) inspections already for more than 5,000 receptors and set a pace of conducting LPS inspections for 3 to 4 wind turbines per day using only one Aerones service unit. This is an unprecedented speed of LPS inspections for the industry.

Besides the quick pace, Aerones technology allows for the top quality of the services. The robotic technology provides high precision measurements and a possibility to troubleshoot the LPS.

The speed and quality of our services have been noticed and valued by the biggest companies in the market – during this season, Aerones has become a certified services provider for most of the biggest wind turbine OEMs in the industry (Vestas, Nordex, Acciona, etc.).

What is more, we have been able to improve the technology to provide the LPS inspections also for Enercon turbines, thus, Aerones is one of the few companies in the market which is capable of conducting LPS inspections for all kinds of wind turbine blades.


We, at Aerones, are constantly enhancing our capabilities, improving the technology, and working towards the goal to provide the most efficient wind turbine maintenance services in the market. In addition to the LPS inspections, Aerones technology can provide also visual inspections, drainage hole cleaning, leading edge surface preparation, and other services. Click here to see what kind of services Aerones robotic technology is capable of providing for our customers already.

Currently, we are operating in the European and USA markets, so if you are interested in ordering Aerones services or having a demo project, please contact us.  

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