June 22, 2022

Webinar: Revolution in WTG Blade Repair

As wind farms age, leading edge erosion on blades reduces power output and efficiency. Blades collide at high speeds with rain, dirt particles, ice and snow. It can cause further damage when the air starts delaminating the fiberglass or composite structure underneath. Repairs are unpleasant to do – major blade damage takes a lot of money and time. This is about to change.

Using robotics for blade repair will make the process much more efficient. Aerones has completed field tests and is ready to accept orders for services such as leading edge surface sanding, protection tape removal, painting, protective coating and filler applications, and more! Get a first-hand look at how robotics can transform the wind industry at the webinar on July 6th.

Register now: Robotic Leading Edge Repairs – July 6th

You will be the first to see our newest modular blade repair robotics set that performs grinding, filling, coating, and removing 3M tape.

Leading Edge Repair Webinar Europe

Leading Edge Repair Webinar North America

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