March 27, 2024

Aerones launches the Autonomous drone inspection service for wind turbine blades

Aerones, a pioneer in robotic wind turbine inspection and maintenance services, advances its drone visual inspection service by introducing the Autonomous drone visual inspection. With this solution time required for visual inspection will be reduced even further.

For inspections Aerones uses professional, industrial-grade drones with a custom high-resolution camera module. 

If previously drone inspections were performed by a technician who piloted the drone, now only a single press of a launch button is required for the drone to take off and perform thorough inspection of each blade automatically.

While in the air, the drone captures industry-leading images in 100 megapixel, 11 664 x 8 750 pixel resolution. In auto-pilot mode Aerones is capable of inspecting one turbine in under 30 minutes. Contrary to some other drone service providers, Aerones solution does not require repositioning of each blade during the inspection. 

Immediately after the inspection, all footage is uploaded to a secure Aerones cloud, and our blade specialists thoroughly analyse the footage employing trained AI damage detection models that mark and categorise all anomalies and their precise location on the blade.

Ultra-high resolution allows images to be zoomed-in for detection of even the smallest anomalies regardless of the weather conditions and the proximity to the turbine blade that they were taken. 

Dedicated software enhances the contrast of images for a close-up inspection and analysis without losing quality and level of detail even if the images are obtained in low-light bad weather conditions. 

Within 60 hours from inspection the customer receives detailed reports and recommendations. If combined with Aerones internal inspections, the customer receives the best turbine health report that’s currently available on the market.

To request the service, write an email to [email protected]