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Wind Turbine Cleaning Services

Wind turbine cleaning is an important part of maintenance. Blades require cleaning before repair campaigns and to renew blade airflow efficiency and regain optimal annual energy production. Towers can leak hundreds of liters of oil and can be harmful not only to the materials and bolt connections but also to the soil below.

Robotic Services for your business

Blade Cleaning

Fast, safe and effective turbine blade cleaning from dust, bugs, salt, algae and resin

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Tower Cleaning

Clean the oil contamination from wind turbine towers safely without soil polution

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Our robotic tools are quick and efficient for wind turbine blade and tower cleaning, resulting in up to 4 times less downtime. The method is environmentally safe, avoiding pollution of the soil. We use a biodegradable detergent that protects the material from corrosion.

Clean wind energy. Literally.

Wind turbines must be kept clean to follow environmental, health and safety regulations, but also to avoid the damage to the public image of wind industry.


Environmentally safe method

The water used for cleaning is collected by skirts and belts and pumped to the filtering station. The filtered water can be safely reused.

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