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Robotic Wind Turbine Blade Cleaning



Cleaning by robots

In time, depending on the surrounding environment, a layer of insects and dirt may appear on the wind turbine blade in operation – in particular on the blade leading edge. This creates a rough surface that badly influences the blade's effectiveness.

Thus, a regular blade cleaning is recommended to renew the airflow efficiency to factory quality. The blade cleaning robot also performs cleaning before leading edge repair or coating services.

Time Efficient Robotic System

Three brush system with biodegradable soap supply allows for efficient removal. On average 10 hours are required to clean all 3 blades of one turbine unless the blades are extremely dirty and need additional cleaning.

Environmentally safe cleaning method


To minimize excess dirty water from dripping into the soil, we place a pillar skirt under the blade from which we can collect the water for filtering and repurposing.

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    Exceptional Performance in Harsh Environments

    Dirt reduces the blades' aerodynamics and disrupts the airflow, forcing the turbine to work harder reducing AEP.

    There may be even a tiny amount of dust, oil, or debris that settles in the seams on the blade. Wherever it collects, it can hold water, and eventually, seep into materials. Ice accumulation is also a big problem induced by surface roughness.

    But even before that happens, the blades’ weight increases (due to retained moisture), forcing the turbine to work harder to produce energy.