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Wind Turbine Blade Drainage Hole Cleaning

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Drainage Hole Cleaning By Aerones

If drainage holes are blocked or drain insufficiently, the condensed water will collect inside the hollow tip section and damage the blade in a longer period. When a lightning strike occurs and hits a clogged blade, the water inside heats up instantly into steam and can destroy the blade. Wind turbine blade composite materials are at the risk of material deformation due to temperature shifts when the clogged water freezes.

To avoid this, the drain hole in the blade should be unclogged and cleaned frequently. Quick and efficient service by Aerones robot can save you the headaches of blade replacement due to blown off tip of the blade.


Importance Of Drainage Hole Cleaning

An important part of a wind turbine is its drainage system, which allows water to drain from the blades. As well as allowing the wind turbine to operate with its full potential without water being trapped in it, the drainage system also prevents lightning from damaging the blades. Keep your wind turbines safe and clean the drainage holes!

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