June 16, 2022

Webinar: Leading Edge Ice-phobic Coating Application

Robotized Ice-phobic Coating Application

Protect your wind turbines from freezing temperatures. It is known that ice accumulation significantly affects energy production and can completely halt a turbine. Given the rising electricity prices, it is crucial for wind park owners to not let that happen. Some might remember the historic storm that froze up the wind turbines in Texas.

Now, with quick and efficient robotics, there is no reason to risk it. Learn how we can quickly clean the surface of the blade and apply the coating that will repel the water and make it impossible for ice to form.

June 21st 11AM Central time

North America

Robotic Leading Edge Repairs – July 5th

You will be the first to see our newest modular blade repair robotics set that performs grinding, filling, coating, and removing 3M tape.

Leading Edge Repair Webinar Europe

Leading Edge Repair Webinar North America

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